Letter to President Obama:

Subject: Subject: No bombing of Syria
From: M. Kolar
Date: Thu, 05 Sep 2013 13:57:09 +0200
To: President Barack Obama @ messages.whitehouse.gov

Dear President Obama,

I would like to remind you that you have received the Nobel Peace Prize.
You got it prematurely before actually having any chance to prove that you deserve it. It was probably meant to inspire you at the start of your presidency to do something real for the world peace. However, it seems from your actions from the start of your presidency up to now (escalation of drone strikes, continuing war in Afghanistan, war in Libya, reneging on your Guantanamo promise, persecuting whistle-blowers desperately trying to stop wars) as if you have been ignoring the wish of the people of the World to live in peace.
Now you still have a chance to prove that you deserve the Nobel Peace Prize, and to secure a positive legacy of your term in office.

Please, do not start any attack on Syria (and on any other country now or in the future). Killing more people by your attack will only escalate the cycle of violence. Helping Al-Qaeda network in Syria while fighting it in other place does not make any sense, and is totally schizophrenic. Your country's policy towards Syria was a complete disaster from the beginning (as was towards many other countries in the past). It was wrong to supply weapons to the "rebels." It was wrong to help to make such a fast switch from peaceful demonstrations to using arms. It was against the wishes of the Syrian democratic opposition, and it harmed it substantially, and delayed democratization of Syria. Your contemplated bombing would do even more harm to the democratization of Syria and the whole region.

Why is the USA trying to interfere so heavy-handed and with brute force into the affairs of other countries? You would get much further with patience, politeness and promoting peaceful crises resolution.

You can secure yourself a great place in history if you start the conversion of your foreign policy from the emphasis on violent solutions to peaceful ones. If you start to move the funds now used to produce arms to funding the efforts searching for peaceful conflict resolution. If your country will stop all arms exports, and only support groups throughout the world that use non-violent means.

I wish you all the strength to make the right decisions.


Miroslav Kolar