Subject: No extrajudicial executions, no misuse of UN resolution 1973
From: M. Kolar
Date: Sat, 07 May 2011 21:36:46 -0700
To: Prime Minister Stephen Harper <>
CC: Jack Layton <>, Elizabeth May <>,
Peter MacKay <>,, John Duncan <>

Dear Mr. Prime Minister:

The elections are well over, and I hope that you can now attend to this important matter.

Killing innocent children is a terrorist act whoever their family is.
Killing Gaddafi's grandchildren last Saturday (April 30) in what was clearly a residential building was a terrorist act. Damaging preschool for Down Syndrome children in Tripoli on the same date in another NATO airstrike was another example of the misuse of UN resolution 1973.

It is clear now that more civilians and other persons were killed on both sides of the Libyan conflict since the beginning of the NATO airstrikes there, than there would have been if Libya were left to sort its internal problems without external interference.

So it is time to modify your approach to Libya. Canada should stop to support and participate in operations that clearly misuse and misinterpret UN resolution 1973.

This is also to register my protest against the use of my tax money in the above illegal way. In a real democracy everybody should have the option to mark on one's income tax return how one's tax contribution should be used and/or for what it cannot be used.

Sincerely yours,

Miroslav Kolar
Campbell River