You can't bomb people to peace, you can only bomb them to death and to war (Mumia Abu-Jamal from prison, Oct. 22, 2014)
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On American Exceptionalism and American Innocence
An alternative view: Vancouver “Save Hong Kong” rally unites two nationalisms under the banner of western imperialism
The U.S. Is Now Betraying the Kurds for the Eighth Time
Ecuadorean Court Rules Secured Protecting Waorani Rainforests from Oil Companies
Yes, we do have concentration camps (USA)
Is US Democracy Dying a Slow and Barely Visible Death?
For many black Americans, the unemployment rate is significantly higher now than during the 2007-2009 recession
German pilot project produces kerosene from sunlight, water and CO2
Indigenous Woman Attacked at Trudeau Climate Rally
Inca Doctors Were Skilled Cranial Surgeons!
Max Blumenthal: Comprehensive Report From the Real Venezuela
Max Blumenthal searching for socialism in Venezuela
Max Blumenthal in Venezuela
Resolution of The Israeli–Palestinian conflict: A socialist viewpoint
Venezuela: The Epicenter of the “Pink Tide” and Now of the Right-Wing Rollback
Canada Denies teleSUR Press Credentials for Lima Group Meeting
The West is way behind Iran and Saudi Arabia when it comes to women in science!
US Regime-Change Laboratory Created Venezuela’s Coup Leader Juan Guaidó
Movie: McCarthy’s Ex-Aide Mentored Trump & Roger Stone
Bank of England ‘no longer neutral player’
Bernie Sanders was right in 2003, Alan Greenspan saw it only in 2008
Cold War Radar System that was a Trillion Dollar Fraud
The Great American Purge
Were Western politicians killed by CIA during Cold War?
Jeff Bezos is wrong, tech workers are not bullies
US Sanctions Shut Down ‘The Empire Files’ with Abby Martin
Tech firms have shifted away from free speech towards censorship
Intercept Teams Up with War-Propaganda group Bellingcat?
Robert Fisk found no evidence of a chemical attack in Douma
Media Coverage Of Fidel Castro's Death Has Been Abysmally One-Sided
An iconic SS-man, in action against Americans, glorified in Ukraine
Interesting: The socialist way of doing things in Mongolia was far better for environment and also many people
Who Really Defeated ISIS?
Arkansas Wants To Ban Howard Zinn Books From Public Schools
What the Russian Revolution Proved Possible (Abby Martin, Empire Files)
Trump's Crackdown on RT Met by Media, NGO Silence
Twitter Bans RT and Sputnik Ads, Who's Next?
Google participates in the current silencing of the left ("New McCarthyism" )
It is time to consider alternate systems of governance by Barrett Brown
Real News Doesn't Side with Russian or American Oligarchs
Let's pilot of a basic income supplement in a Canadian community
Large amounts of weapons from Eastern Europe reportedly shipped to Syrian rebels
Saving environment by making the perfect vegan burger tasting like a real one
Hands Off Syria, against propaganda and regime change, for peace and national sovereignty. Press conf at UNO
A book: The ABCs of Socialism
Fight for the $15 minimum wage in BC; video:
Leap Manifesto - A spectre is haunting Canada!
Petition to the government to repeal Canada’s blasphemy law
Historian: Atomic bombing of Japan had no role in Japanese surrender; it was to test two technically different types of A-bombs
It took the murder of Berta Cáceres for FMO Development Bank to seek to exit the Agua Zarca mega-dam project in Honduras
Fort McMurray's Communist Moment
On May 13, 1985, Philadelphia police deliberately burnt alive 6 adults and 5 children of the MOVE Organization
Americans worship the archetypal Jewish socialist hippie carpenter (and so may elect another one - Bernie)
The Koch Brothers' Dirty War on Solar Power - nowhere more so than in sunny Florida!
Zuckerbergs - an ordinary family (why people hate Mrs. Z.)
Unofficial translation of Obama's speach into plain English
Zuckerbergs’ gift not a proper gift after all (Isn’t $45bn rather too much for one family to have in the first place?)
Our future: It's really between barbarism or socialism
The Harper government and evangelical capitalism
The road to Damascus
Witch-hunt of a video-blogger by the Ukrainian government
Number of soldiers shooting to kill increases with the sophistication of military's training to supress peoples' conscience?! Read also the comments.
Machine Translation – the new Lingua Franca
Guaranteed Livable Income - be a part of Green Party plan to end poverty in Canada
Time for Premiers to wake up from their oil pipe-dream
Civil Forfeiture: US police as modern equivalent of medieval highway robbers?
Will Aleppo become the capital of a new Caliphate?
Omar Khadr: Out of the Shadows
First solar-panel paved bicycle path
Solar roadways - interesting idea, but embedding LED lights in them is clearly nonsense.
I fully support Valentina Lisitsa and share her conclusions and frustration
Bust of Edward Snowden Stuck to a War Monument in Brooklyn
Politics is the art to distract us from the things that are really important to us
Ukrainian civil war - view from Kiev
Ukrainian civil war - view from Dombass
Mexican drug cartels may be far more dangerous than ISIS
  Paris Massacre: Clash of Barbarisms; Little and Big Monsters; 54 arrested for offensive speech after Free Speech Rally!
A tribe that kept their interesting tolerant culture for thousands of years; original article
Why the war on ISIS will fail
3D printer to recycle plastics
Is USA Crazy? It's past time to wake up!
Another innocent spent nine years in prison
Stop the mining institute
An agenda for sustainable degrowth and relocalizing the economy
Platform for Canada 2015 - proposal to reform Canadian political system
John F. Kennedy – Among the Germans, 1937-1945!!!
Doneck: one side must be lying about civilian bombardement (14.9.2014)
Ideas or ideology do not matter: Ex-minister disgusted by politics
A settler's experience at the Unist'ot'en camp
Luhansk after air strike on June 2, 2014
Welcome to Nulandistan: Propaganda and the Crisis in Ukraine (GRTV documentary film)
How Odessites were being killed in the Trade Union building, May 2, 2014
Petition asking UN Security Council to declare Ukrainian "Right Sector" a terrorist organization of the Al Queda type
Post-Occupy, #myNYPD Makes New York’s Blood Boil
Blueprint for a socialist USA
Call to those disappointed by both groups to create a new party to build a new highly decentralized Ukraine (12.3.2014)
Ukrainian lawyer: One organized crime group replaced another organized crime group in the government (5.3.2014)
Ukraine: Using reason to resolve the conflict 6.3.2014 by a sociologist (lots of comments illustrating deep tragical divisions among citizens of Ukraine)
Obama hypocrite of century
Unfair sentence: Free Dana
Obama "Cherry-Picked" Intel on Syrian Chemical Attack to Justify U.S. Strike
Who will protect Libyans now? (26.11.2013)
Economy of happiness; survey
President Obama: Do not bomb Syria (5.9.2013)
Torture and Impunity - book, interview, Interview pt. 2
Havana Times: Open-minded writing from Cuba
Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle
Iraq war: it was not a mistake, it was a crime
Blatant aggression disguised as "Humanitarian Intervention"
Chris Hedges: Time to get crazy, and other columns
World Bank and the IMF are none other than the instruments of torture created by the West to continue their domination ...
Chris Hedges on Middle East, Iran, nationalism, warmongers - excellent
Insightful analysis of the situation in Syria
Arab League Report on Syria ignored!!!
A rare voice of reason in the current media hypocrisy around Syria
Intelligence? Talent? No, the ultra-rich got to where they are through luck and brutality
Occupy WS movement Live stream
As Fighting Continues in Tripoli, A Look at Role of the U.S., NATO and Oil Firms in Libya Uprising
Not a single NATO war plane/helicopter over-flying daily to drop their bombs for the “protection of civilians” saw the boat with dying refugees helplessly drifting for 16 days
No extrajudicial executions, no misuse of UN resolution 1973
Digital Coin proposal (Chapter 7 of Money as Debt II)
Nothing can be solved with a gun, anytime, anywhere (updated March 29, 2011)
Life expectancy in China rose from 35 to 70 years during the Maoist period
Birgitta Jónsdóttir - Icelandic MP and Wikileaks activist
Latin Waves Grassroots Media
Living Democracy
Hunger is not caused by a scarcity of food but a scarcity of democracy
Howard Zinn's site
Read Write Web
Cyrano's Journal Newsletter
The war in Afghanistan is about perpetual war, not Afghanistan
Understanding Psychological Stupidity
Truth About Global Economic Crisis
The emergence of capitalism in Czechia was not unavoidable
G. Soros debunks Market Fundamentalism
Between 10% and 50% of researchers may be involved in some form of Questionable Research Practices
Israel has 14 independent and separate legal systems covering Family Law
Howard Zinn: “Holy Wars”
A Woman among Warlords (Afghanistan)
The Montesueños Compact